On the cusp of a new year, the urge for a home makeover draws stronger. Luckily for those looking to revamp their décor, the year 2019 comes bearing trends that are light, natural, and visually compelling. With a focus on simple textures, smooth lines, and clever colour combinations, this year's home décor trends are a breath of fresh air. Here's a selection of 10 trends to watch out for in 2019:


1. New Nordic

Nordic design has been around for decades, but every few years it reinvents itself. Those clean, fluid,and minimalist notes keep springing up with new inflexions, and 2019 is no exception. Light wood, a staple of the Nordic style, is making a comeback this year. Lighter shades, such as birch, beech, and oak reflect more light and make a room seem more spacious, so it's no surprise Nordic is the go-to style for bright and airy homes.So, give those hardwood floors a polish and adorn them with pastel, nude, or salted caramel carpets and wooden furniture to rekindle your love of Northern European living. Dust off those wing, swan, and teddy bear style chairs, and bring out that Nordic chic with tripod accent lamps.




2. Niche Nomad

Ethnic motifs are a source of inspiration for all the greatest fashion houses, and the cultures of Africa and Asia continue to influence the work of prominent designers. But this year, shabby folk won't do. 2019 is the year ethnic goes from tattered to tactful. It's out with the Ikat and in with the tribal. Weaves and fringes are still allowed, in moderation, but save your macramé for another time. Go easy on the colours with your new-found love for Navajo, and space out those motifs so that they don't give you eye fatigue. Wall, bed, and floor coverings are more natural this year, in earthy and subdued hues.The focus is on geometry and symmetry, not colour contrasts, so take the rustic florals out of your patterns and swap them for simple shapes that are easy on the eye.



3. Luxe Revival

Four poster beds and divans embody a sense of comfort and luxury, and they're very in this year. But you can't have massive bed frames without large and ornate mirrors and wall art. And elaborate wall coverings call for sumptuous carpets inspired by the decadent sophistication from days of yore. Animal print area rugs and faux hide mats will bring a touch of the exotic to your interior, but don't underestimate the glamour of a neutral and tasteful transitional rug. Get ready for tassels, bullion fringe, and tie-backs. Dust off the cushions and the bolster pillows and reupholster the settee. Pull out the porcelain and the pinned leather armchairs. Bring your Demilune console table into the lounge and light it up with a chunky urn lamp. Then sit back and take in the elegance of days gone by.


4. Dry Brush Blends

This year revolves around white, so you can't go wrong with matte and glossy white walls and fittings. But be sure to save 10% of your room for a burst of colour. If you're looking for eye-catching decorative items that are literally drenchedin pigment, you can't go wrong with dry-brush carpets and wall art. Smudged brush stroke patterns bring out the elegance and the fluidity of glass and crystal. So, place a see-through side table on a dry-brush rug, and watch it radiate with gorgeous colours. Opt for curvy furniture with bouclé accents and monochrome coverings (cushions, curtains, and throws) in neutral or pastel tones so that the whole ensemble is easy on the eye and soothing to the soul. Dry brush rugs can also complement metallic themes but look for rugs and wall art with a bit of a colour gradient to tone down the richness of the metal.


5. Naturally Nice

Last year it was living walls, but this year it's hand-made trinkets. Designers want people to step away from tech and into complete home comfort, so to get on trend, focus on natural textures and materials. In 2019, jute, clay, and rice paper will take DIY decorations by storm. Add a touch of you to your humble abode with beautifully crafted, curvy, and earthy designs depicting the flora and fauna that surround and inspire you. Go for neutral and pale colours like comfort grey, soothing beige, blush pink, and peach puff. Bring out the elegance of your room with artisanal decorations with grooves and indentations. If hand-made isn't your style, then embrace the naturally nice concept with wallpaper and rugs depicting nature at its most exuberant.


6. Vintage Va-Va-Voom

Vintage was huge in 2018, but the trend is picking up even more momentum. Mushroom and dome lamps were one thing, but vintage aesthetics are coming in strong with crinkled velvet and distressed patterns across cushions, rugs, and furniture. Antiques will take centre stage this year, because there's a trend away from accent pieces that make a statement, and toward furniture and decorations that tell a story. Slightly aged but not shabby, this year's décor has palpable personality, so if your colour scheme pans out, you'll feel right at home in a room with vintage va-va-voom. Opt for a combination of navy, forest green, mulberry, and raisin for your upholstery, curtains, and walls. To tone down the look, adorn the rooms with velvet cushions and curtains, and deck the floors with distressed rugs in fashion-right colour palettes.



7. Larger-than-Life Florals

It's easy to overdo it with flowers.But chintz and paisley are no longer the go-to forbedroomand lounge décor. Instead, people are looking for large blossoms in natural colours, pale tones, and loose patterns to inspire their dreams. A sight to behold, these blissfully blooming patterns aren't as repetitive, so they're easier on the eye, be they traditional or abstract. Exaggerated proportions, contrasting colours, and natural gradients are the norm this year, so ditch that old-fashioned rustic vibe and go for fresh flowers in blends of vibrant and subdued colours that set your mind adrift and celebrate nature raw and wild, without the bells and whistles.


8. Gaga for Geometry

From the patterns on the backsplash to the graphics on the bathroom tiles, everybody's gravitating toward geometry with an impact. But unlike last year, mosaics and trellises won't make an impact. 2019 calls for tributes to the stars and the heavens, so let the skies be your muse. Think domes, circles, stylized figures, and even constellations. Let every vase, mug, and flower pot feature unnatural angles and shapes. Take art deco to a whole new level with optical illusions and statement ceilings criss-crossedwith thick lines in earthy colours. Rethink your bathroom décor with tiles in irregular shapes finished with metal grout. Bring in loose and natural shapes with colourful crystal and let them stand out over a harlequin print runner. Let your geometric rug steal the show by showcasing it at the heart of the room or even at eye level on a wall. That's right, welove shapes so much this year, we're willing to overlook the fact you turned your rug into wall art.


9. Faux Fur Fluffiness

Comfort is something you can't skimp on this year. Pampas grass vases, lush leafy plants, feather lamps, crinkled velvet cushions, and shaggy rugs were a big hit last year. In 2019, it's all about lounging and making the most of 'me-time'. With this resolution to pamper yourself come plush throws, faux fur rugs, and lush cushions strewn across the room in childlike carelessness. This year, we're taking it up a notch with even fluffier deep pile carpets and faux fur rugs. Deck your floors with circular and oval fluffy mats to separate or link different parts of the room. Maximizeyour space with light-coloured faux hind rugs and look for plush mats with unusual but tasteful contrast colours. Not only will they pamper your feet no end, but they'll turn a house into a home in two shakes. Tone down the look with sensible accessories and bouclé furniture, and Voila! Welcome home!



10. Metal Madness

Our appetite for metal simply won't be quenched in 2019. But the focus now turns away from flashy copper and toward warmer metals. Polished nickel and antique brass are very much in, as are silver and pewter. But try to find the right balance and to not go overboard with mixed metal accents. This year, we're focusing on sculptural décor that breaks with tradition. They're the true accent pieces this year, but elements like wooden legs, stone inserts, terazzobacksplashes, and plinth worktops tops will help soften the look. Tone down the boldness with slate, granite, marble, and natural stone that features random grain, unpolished edges, and exposed cores. Either chunky and layered or lacey like filigree or cobweb, but more unstructured and natural, metal decorations this year are sophisticated and fluid. To make them stand out, showcase them on abstract rugs in dark earthy hues and with irregular patterns, like a splash of molten metal unleashed upon your floors.


Thisconcludes our list of home décor trends for 2019. By no means exhaustive, it's there to inspire you to bring out the best in your home while also keeping up with the latest trends. But don't forget those finishing touches to round off that stylish look splendidly. Spruce up your décor in 2019 with sumptuous floor coverings from Online Carpets. Available in styles and patterns to suit any budget, our rugs will complement your colour scheme and round off your trendy design theme splendidly.

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