Clean your carpet regularly with a commercially available vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. 

Even the best quality carpets can give off some fluffs in the first couple of months. This is a normal process, please keep vacuum cleaning the carpet regularly and this will visible decrease. The best way to vacuum clean a carpet is going slowly in both directions ( length and width of the carpet ). Don't use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar as this might damage your carpet.




Some individual threads may come loose during the first few weeks of use. Do not pull longer threads protruding from the pile. Cut off these threads with a pair of small scissors.




Remove stains using a damp cloth. Do not rub. Do not allow stains to dry.  Always work your way from the outside of the stain, towards the inside. 




As a final note :

Have the carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner should more intensive cleaning be required. 

You can always contact us should you need further help or information.