Rug Trends in 2020

The year 2020 comes with an unquenchable appetite for change. And for many design buffs, it also comes with the promise of fresh home projects. This year, floor furnishings are about to make the leap from background pieces to centrepieces. Rather than integrate meekly with the wider décor theme, they'll be making a splash. But to turn a rug into an accent piece, make a statement, and enhance your space, you need to be in tune with the latest trends. So, here are 10 of the most exciting carpet and rug trends for 2020:


Pretty Patterns

Patterned carpets have a way of standing out and expressing your personality. Whether it's a classic pattern like houndstooth, herringbone, paisley, chain link, or a more contemporary maximalist pattern, it's bound to give depth and meaning to your décor. With rich hues and strong contrasts, patterned rugs have pride of place. And some, like the alternating diagonal stripe, is a fabulous family-friendly version of the on-trend pattern rug. Antelope and deer patterns are making a comeback for those who want to connect with their wild side, and these cushion and curtain patterns go well with busy family lives. But let's not overlook rustic rugs. Anything but tacky, they can tastefully tone down a rich colour scheme with neutral shades and natural textures.


Gorgeous Geometrics

We can forget about last year’s trends and wipe the slate clean. But we could never overlook geometrics. Rather than fade away into oblivion, geometrics have evolved into more nuanced patterns. And they’re nothing like the ones we had last year. Unlike some of the busy patterns above, these geometrics are bold in other ways. They fuse warm colours with cold ones, and they feature shiny, metal-inspired fibres. This year, it’s quality over quantity, and the mark of a good on-trend rug lies in thicker textures and bolder clashes of colour. Together, the lines, the colours, and the textures of a gorgeous geometric rug add a splash of visual interest to an otherwise bland living room.


Layers of Luxury

You can’t go wrong with layered rugs. The more the merrier, especially if the furnishings match. Simply stack your favourite rugs on top of one another, leaving your favourite colours open to scrutiny and hiding away the unsightly ones. However, there’s an easier way to add depth, and it’s taking the world of interior design by storm. Thanks to intricate cut-and-loop and pattern loop design, you can have layer upon layer of lovely fibres that tell their own story – but on a single rug. Layered rugs make a strong fashion statement, relying more on the beauty of their hand-crafted weaving than the boldness of their colours. With sculpted grooves and raised cuts, they catch the eye in ways other rugs never would. Pair these lovely textured etchings with tone-on-tone colour palettes, and let your style and sophistication shine through.


Bold & Bright

Rugs that make a statement are centre stage this year. Frieze carpets, a throwback to the '70s, are coming back and gaining traction with bigger and bolder colours than ever before. But it's not all monochrome and monotone. Fluid colours and shapes running into each other, bouncing off metal surfaces and oozing with decadence are this year's mainstay. Strong, jewel-like tones reflect the turbulent times we live in, while free and unstructured shapes and patterns distract your attention and put you at ease. When it comes to bold and bright colours, they scream to be loved but also set the room alight with character and vibrancy. Pair them with neutral coloured furniture, dark cushions, mirrors, and loads of shiny surfaces to let the colours make themselves at home.


Tile Rugs

Art imitates life, and this is true of rugs and tiles too. From rustic plaid to bold colour blocks, and from cow skin squares to colourful patchwork, tile rug patterns can look like the real thing, but with none of the coldness or slipperiness of tile floorings. The most eye-catching tile rugs feature rug squares in all the colours of the rainbow stitched together for your viewing pleasure. But others can be duotone or monochrome. To make them blend in with the décor, simply add some haberdashery to the mix, and let your cushions and curtains show off your choice of buttons and ribbons.


Kool Kelims

These mezmerizing Afghan creations are back in style this year. Featuring a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, they treat they eye to a spectacular show of creativity. A throwback to the days of the Persian Empire, these flat, tapestry-woven rugs are popular across the Middle East, and they come back every few years to the West to delight us and grace our homes. With earty, rusty colours, authentic kelims or kilims are handknotted by Turkmens. Individually unique, they can be used as curtains, wall rugs, as well as floor coverlets. Brimming with symbolism, the intricate patterns and ingenious colour combinations make these rugs a must-have for home décor with an ethnic vibe this summer.


Naturally Neutral

Mother Earth is very much in the spotlight this year. And as a tribute to her, homeowners are eager to make their colour choices meaningful. Earthy tones and monochromatic designs are no strangers to our rug trend forecasts. But this year, natural hues will be enriched with dashes of azure, ochre, and olive green. The colours can merge for visual effect and run into pools of sand, tan, or wood brown shades. But if your earth-tone rugs are nowhere near as exciting, you're free to coordinate your colour scheme with cushions, runners, and curtains in earthy colours that reflect subtly.


Eclectic Ethnic

If you can’t tell your Navajo from your Dhurrie rug, you’re not alone. But this year, artisan rugs are very much on-trend. They’re casual, gorgeous, and not at all precious. And they express more than most other rugs do. Whether they’re meticulously woven or brazenly mismatched, they’ll charm you with their clashing colours and patterns. Be sure to check before you buy that the rug truly is crafted by hand by a local, and not mass-produced half-way across the globe. And if you’re ready to commit to a rug that stays true to tradition, save your best spot in the house to lay it on, and rest assured that you can pass it on when the time comes. Because this year is very much about maximalist design, the ethnic rug makes a perfect addition to a homeowner with a penchant for self-expression, who can mix it up and live it up.


Gone Green

Interior design is moving away from cheap throwaway rugs and toward more sustainable options. In 2020, a rug will be more of an investment. It must and it will last for generations. Whether it’s recyclable, made by a company with a reduced carbon footprint, or simply very hard-wearing, a rug today is the product of an eco-focused and environmentally aware initiative. Made of natural fibres like wool, coir, sisal, seagrass, and jute, these rugs will not only be easy on the eye, but also wellness-oriented and sustainable. Light and luminous as they are, hand-knotted rugs are difficult to source, let alone make. But these irresistible rugs are a must-have in the contemporary home, not just because of the comfort and style, but also because they come with a legacy of their own. Whether it’s organic blend wool, bamboo silk, or linen, going green will serve you well. And it will serve Mother Nature better.


Back to Basics

The back-to-the-basics trend will endure through 2020, and probably carry on to the next year. In this sense, we'll see a shift to minimalist, no-frills rugs. Whether it's bamboo or sisalana fibres, the type of rug will decide if it makes the cut for the eco-friendly pick. Some may happily put up with a slightly tougher sisal rug underfoot, while others will lean toward the fluffy flotaki or the charming chindi rug. Either way, all it takes to make the switch to a basic, no-frills, eco-friendly rug is to stumble across a design that's anything but basic. And there's no shortage of those at Online Tapijten, where designer rugs feel at home, and so do our customers.