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  1. Bold Patterns in Rug Design: Unleashing Your Inner Artist

    The spotlight is firmly on bold patterns—where geometric intricacies, artistic motifs, and abstract designs converge to create a visual symphony. This trend is a celebration of self-expression, inviting individuals to let their inner artist shine through the choices they make in rug design.
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  2. Beyond Minimalism: The Return of Maximalist Rugs

    In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the tide is turning, ushering in a departure from the sleek and understated. Maximalist rugs are stealing the spotlight, bringing with them a riot of colors, daring patterns, and an invitation to break free from the constraints of minimalism. Let's embark on a journey to explore the resurgence of maximalist rugs in 2024, where boldness reigns, vibrancy is celebrated, and self-expression takes center stage.
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  3. Customized and Personalized Rugs: Crafting Unique Statements for Your Home

    The trend of customized and personalized rugs stands out as a beacon of individuality. No longer confined to standard designs, homeowners are now embracing the opportunity to curate bespoke pieces that transcend functionality, becoming unique statement pieces that reflect their distinct style and personality.
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  4. Peach Fuzz: The Color That's Redefining Home Comfort in 2024

    In the realm of interior design, colors are not just mere decorations; they are the silent storytellers, setting the mood and defining the essence of our living spaces. As we step into 2024, Peach Fuzz has emerged as a color that does more than just fill a space—it redefines it. This soft, embracing hue has taken center stage in the world of home decor, bringing with it a fresh perspective on comfort and warmth. But what is it about Peach Fuzz that makes it so influential in altering our perception of home interiors? Let’s delve into its psychological and aesthetic impact to understand how it’s redefining what we consider comfortable and warm.
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  5. Homage to Freddy 'tapijt' De Smedt

    On 11 August 2023, the colourful life story of Freddy De Smedt came to an end. A Willebroeken native at heart, but also a globetrotter. A hard worker and a bon vivant at the same time. Someone who often gave himself away and rarely took the lead, but who did have a strong opinion.

    That we are only now paying tribute to him with this text has everything to do with time. Time to let the loss sink in. Time to accept the grief. Time to put everything in order.

    A look back at the man who played an unforgettable role in the Online Tapijten business, and more so in the lives of the people close to his heart.

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  6. Cleaning your carpet in 3 simple steps

    A rug is indispensable in a cosy home; it gives a homely atmosphere. But 'suddenly' there is a big stain. No need to panic, as you can very easily clean your rug yourself. The stain will disappear and you will also save on costs for professional cleaning. In just a few (easy!) steps, your rug will be like new again!
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  7. Basic tips for choosing a beautiful rug

    In the sitting area, under the table or have you ever thought of hanging a nice rug on the wall? A rug gives your home atmosphere in an instant. But what do you look for when buying a nice rug?

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  8. How big should my carpet be?

    You probably know that a rug is the perfect mood creator and can help make your interior a pleasant one. But if you want to buy a new rug, it is useful to know: how big should it be? We will gladly help you decide.
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  9. How to use colours in your interior

    One of the most frequently asked questions at our shop and online: which colours fit nicely in my interior and how do I combine them? We find this difficult, especially in the living room. Of course you can do it by feeling, but unfortunately not everyone is born with a fine sense of colour. So this is where we really want to help you! Read along?

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  10. Do’s and don’ts when buying a rug

    For most people, buying a rug trickles down to two critical purposes: defining space and enhancing the interior décor of a room. This is why rugs remain a fundamental element of home décor across different parts of the world. However, you must be very careful when choosing the rug to add to your house, as its influence on the outlook of a room can be quite significant. Understanding the do’s and don’ts of rugs should get you started with making the ideal choice. Here are some rules that you might want to keep in mind before buying a rug.

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