1. Main Benefits of Using Area Rugs

    An area rug is simply a carpet with smaller dimensions than that of the room and is commonly used in floorings such as hardwood and tiles.
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  2. Tips to Pick the Perfect Rug for Your Kid’s Room

    When it comes to choosing the perfect rug for your kid’s room, it is important to choose a rug that not only compliments the style of your little one's room, but also lasts the test of time too. Here are a few points to consider when choosing the perfect rug for your kid’s room.
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  3. How to Protect Your Rugs From Their Worst Enemies

    Despite the excellent strength and durability of your rugs, some issues can affect their colours and fibres. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the carpets’ worst enemies for the rugs to remain in good condition. If you want to pass along your rugs to the next generation, do not worry, we will share the dangers lurking for your beloved rugs. We will also give you tips to shield your rugs from their worst enemies.
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  4. The Right Way to Vacuum Your Carpet

    With improper vacuuming, you will notice dark lines on your carpets near the edges. Your house will also be dusty, and there will be a series of allergies. If your socks become dirty when you walk around the house, chances are the carpet has layers of dust. High traffic areas will also look dark because they are caked in dirt. Most of these problems are fixed with proper vacuuming.
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  5. How to Pick the Best Rug Material

    Rugs are pieces of woven fabrics that are used in different areas of the house. They come in a wide range of materials and types. In this post, we will be discussing the factors to consider when choosing the best rug material.
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  6. Carpet Hacks to Keep Your Rugs Like New

    There’s a perfect rug for every type of room, but keeping them looking fresh can be a challenge. Follow these simple carpet hacks for inexpensive and quick ways to breathe new life into your flooring.

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  7. How to decorate with flat woven carpets

    Rugs are an important element of interior design. Other than beauty, rugs can also be used to partition different areas in a large room. When home-staging, rugs can be used to give potential clients an overview of how the house would look like.
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  8. Hand-Knotted vs Hand-Tufted Rugs: What's the Difference

    A rug adds character to a room and can be a focal point which draws the eye. When considering buying a rug you will be assessing visual style, quality and price just as you would with any item for the home. Before deciding whether a hand-knotted or a hand-tufted rug is the better option for you it is worthwhile understanding how each type of rug is made and how they differentiate.

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  9. The ultimate size guide for rugs

    So you’ve decided on the colour, design and structure of your carpet. What do you need to do next? You need to choose the right size. This is where we can help you with some simple tips and tricks.

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  10. Bedroom Rugs FAQ

    How to place a rug in a bedroom? 

    In the bedroom, the bed acts as the major focal point in the room, and as such, it should determine where you place an area rug. A rug offers a warm and soft spot for the feet when you wake up in the morning. When you are placing the rug, there are also other considerations you need to make like the positioning of the side tables, nightstands, benches, and vanities. There are several ways you can position a rug in the bedroom.

    First, the rug can be positioned in such a way that it goes under the bed completely and the general rule here is to have at least 18 to 24 inches of space around the area rug ensuring that the walkways are not encroached.

    Next, position the rug such that 2/3 of it gets covered by the bed. Here you could also leave 18 to 24 inches on the sides and the foot of the bed. To ensure

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