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Louis De Poortere carpets & rugs - Belgian vintage design

Known since the Middle Ages, Belgian, and to be more precised Flemish textile products have an excellent reputation throughout Europe. Everyone appreciates the talent and craftsmanship of the Flemish weavers, who are known for delivering beautiful rugs of an outstanding quality.
Louis De Poortere carpets not only deliver on quality traditional products but it combines it with innovations: he diversifies his collections, explores new production techniques and multiplies his creations.
The latest collections of rugs are a great example of this. Trendy pieces of home decoration,  they would enhance and bring to life every contemporary interior. The Vintage look is combined with the kelim feel, made out of cotton chenille for low maintenance and maximum strength to give you affordable, quality carpets

Divided in several collecions, the Louis De Poortere cover most of the trends in today's interior design. The Vintage Multi rug Collection for example combines the patchwork design element with incredible colours options like turquoise, flashy orange or purple among others.
The Fading World rug Collection on the other side brings in one of the most beautiful elements in classic carpets, the medallion, and modern colours like fuchsia or jade to create a gorgeous, distressed look.
If you are looking for soft pastel colours and that lovely Provence feel, then The Cameo rug Collection with it's understated elegance is the right answer.
One of the latest additions is the Mad Men rug Collection, which is an tribute to America in the 60s and 70s, with the macho colours, skyscrapers, and desire to succeed. 


Vacuum cleaning: 

It is important for the lifespan of your carpet to vacuum your carpet from the day of purchase at least once per week.
Do this preferably with an electrically driven brushing vacuum cleaner. A brushing vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt more effectively than a vacuum cleaner fitted with an adjustable floor tool. It ensures also the brushing up of the carpet poles, and as a result the original look is remained much longer.

Check at least monthly whether the dust filter should be cleaned or the vacuum cleaner should be replaced. 


Cleaning manually with James Water 

You yourself can manually clean your carpet locally with James Water and a terry towel. If, from the day of purchase, you treat your carpet regularly with James Water, your carpet will stay looking nice longer. James Water is a surface cleaner, which cleans the yarn tops. You will enjoy the fresh look of your carpet longer, because greyness is hereby opposed.
You can decide whether it is necessary to (locally) clean your carpet. Spray James Water on the carpet and then rub it dry with a dry white terry towel, using wide sweeping strokes. If you see the soiling coming off the carpet, then you may continue the cleaning. 

Beating of the rug 

If your rug is easy to pick up, shake it outside first, then put it over a clothesline and beat it. Preferably on the back of the rug. Next, take the rug inside and vacuum it. 


The carpet is eligible for interim cleaning when the creation of walkways by local soiling becomes so disturbing, that vacuum-cleaning does not give a satisfactory result anymore. If you cannot or if you do not wish to clean your carpet manually with James Water, the carpet can also be cleaned by a professional cleaning company. Below you have the cleaning method that is most preferable.

Pad cleaning 

Pad cleaning (Bonnet system) can be performed on your carpet quality with a rotary pad machine and proper detergent. 

  1. First thoroughly vacuum-clean the carpet with an electrically driven brushing vacuum cleaner, if allowed. 
  2. Spray approximately 100ml/m2 of deter- gent on the carpet. Due to prematurely evaporation do not spray more than 10m2 a time. 

3. Next, clean the carpet by means of a rotary pad machine fitted with appropriated Bonnet pad. To avoid burning of the yarns, the machine should not make more than 180 rpm. 

4. To avoid brown stains in the carpet furniture may exclusively be placed back on a dry carpet. 


Stains should be treated preferably immediately, because stains always displease and give a sloppy impression. 

Fresh Stairs 

Immediately moisten a cotton cloth with cold water, wring it out and place it on the stain. Leave it on place, without peaking, until it is dry. Do not dab or rub, as this may cause permanent damage to the carpet. And never use soap! 

Persistent stains 

Treat as per the instructions on the James Staindisc or the James or the James website ( Via this link you can find approximately 1400 different stain solutions! 

James Stainwonder, James Stainspray and James Water have been tested on our different carpet qualities and can be used on almost all our qualities.
If you have any doubts about the treatment, do not take any action at all and let the stain dry. Consult the James website (, mail to or call the James line for more advice (+31 77 327 80 08) 


Prevention is better 

Place mats in front of the house door to trap the dirt. This will stop outside dirt from getting onto your carpet. Change your air filters to reduce air- borne dust particles. 

To store your rug, always roll front-side out, wrap- ping it in a cloth for optimal protection. Do not fold or store your rug in a tight plastic bag.

Rugs for Every Taste and Budget

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The Right Rug Under Your Feet

In a class of their own, our stylish rugs and carpets will turn any room into a platform for you to express yourself. With a sumptuous Online Carpets rug under foot, your decorative project is off to a great start. Enjoy superior craftsmanship and outstanding quality, but also grab yourself a bargain at Online Carpets.

Designed by skilled artists and produced by gifted craftsmen, these rugs are made in India, Nepal, Turkey, and other countries with a rich heritage in carpet weaving. Delivered straight to your door by experienced rugs specialists, each and every one of our carpets is a work of outstanding artistry.

You can’t put a price on style, but we all have budgets to consider. Rest assured, we have designs and makes to suit your allocated budget. Made-to-measure or ready-made, our carpets will match all your requirements, as well as appeal to your particular styling.

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Avail yourself of the opportunity to decorate the home with a gorgeous carpet made to your specifications and to your taste. Let it breathe new life into your room and speak to your personal sense of style.

Top Brands at Online Carpets

At Online Carpets, we work with over 30 of the industry’s most highly acclaimed rug and carpet designers. With such a bountiful supply of stellar brands collaborating with us, we’re always ready and eager to bring you the latest and most sought-after carpet designs as soon as the collections are launched.

We’re proud to be able to work with the likes of Louis de Poortere, Ligne Pure, Osta Carpets, Freguco, Angelo Rugs, and other established Belgian brands. But we also collaborate with labels across Europe and beyond, including winners of several industry accolades. In so doing, we’re proudly able to offer exceptional quality and top-notch service to all our customers.

At Online Carpets, you’ll find top global brands like Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, Wedgwood, Esprit, Harlequin, Claire Gaudion, and Sanderson featuring on our website and gracing us with their collections. You’ll also find brands that cater specifically to younger audiences, such as Sigikid and Smart Kids.

Whatever your personal affinity or loyalty toward a specific brand, we’ll help you maintain that relationship with the label by offering you exclusive discounts and regular sales. Enjoy our generous first-time buyer discounts, save a pretty penny, and come back to our website for flash sale events. We’ll do our utmost to ensure that you make the most of your online spend.

We’re always standing by for suggestions and we love to exchange ideas with existing and prospective clients, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We won’t rest until you’re happy with your carpets, and we’re here for you with round-the-clock help before and after the sale. Drop our support staff a quick note if you need us, or better yet, drop in for a chat at the store, where you can see your favourite styles up-close.

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