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Viscose X

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Viscose carpets are made from artificial rayon filaments, so they're not ideal for any area of a home that is going to see a lot of foot traffic. However, they are often very affordable, and many mass productions of them are done to produce carpets that actually look like silk, so you get something that looks great at a low price point, but the durability means it shouldn't be walked on much.

Viscose carpets are known to start showing wear and tear pretty fast, even shedding. The rayon fibers are rather weak, and start breaking after bending to foot pressure after only about seventy times. That's compared to two thousand times for true silk fibers and ten thousand for wool rug fibers.

Viscose carpet has cellulose in the rayon fibers, and that naturally turns to a yellow color when wet, so any spills you might have are going to possibly stain this way. It might look like pet urine. Yellowing can also occur after cleaning. A good way to minimize this is to use citric acid, vinegar, or acetic acid to rinse and then dry the carpet quickly when you do clean it. This yellowing issue is more robust with age of the carpet.

Professional cleaning is not always possible with viscose carpet. Given that rayon fibers are not known for holding dye very well, any fading or bleeding of colors is often not reversible. Professional cleaners best do a dye test before trying to clean viscose, since some cleaning processes will actually destroy the carpet. Water-based cleaning is best avoided if at all possible, but even low-moisture cleaning with improper chemicals or high temperature can destroy the carpet. Dry cleaning is usually a safe option fortunately, although it's not as effective as you would hope.

Coming into contact with practically any liquid means that rayon fibers lose roughly half of their strength. Viscose carpets are therefore often considered 'disposable' or temporary pieces, since standard foot traffic will destroy them quickly. If you have or find a viscose rug whose pattern, colors, or image you like, hang it on your wall for visual decor only.

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excellent service. Extremely satisfied with both purchasing / delivery and by actual carpet. Claire A. Marsascala Malta