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OSTA Timeless Creativity carpets & rugsa
Craftsmanship from Belgian soil
Belgian company OSTA has been producing carpets since 1934 - excellence in craftsmanship and experience in the weaving industry guaranteed. The combination of master craftsmen and innovation results in carpets that are as authentic as they are progressive. The motifs range from classic to abstract; the colours from subdued to bold. If you value sustainability and home-grown craftsmanship, this brand is bound to please you.
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  1. Timeless Creativity Eclectic Patina 41040.000
    from 79 from 63.2
  2. Timeless Creativity Bliss Joy 471.27.GC990
    from 79 from 63.2
  3. Timeless Creativity Eclectic Patina 410.118.990
    from 79 from 63.2
  4. Timeless Creativity Stockholm Flux 461.07.AE120
    from 119 from 95.2
  5. Timeless Creativity Kazak Kashqai 4301.500
    from 149 from 119.2
  6. Timeless Creativity Oslo Nordic 221.06.900
    370 185
  7. Timeless Creativity Blush Chroma 470.01.AF100
    from 69 from 55.2
  8. Timeless Creativity Actuel 0301.120
    99 79.2
  9. Timeless Creativity Charisma 2501.101
    from 99 from 79.2
  10. Timeless Creativity Kazak Kashqai 4302.300
    from 149 from 119.2
  11. Timeless Creativity Royal Classic Diamond 72220.300
    from 209 from 167.2
  12. Timeless Creativity Spesso Husk 458.01.920
    from 109 from 87.2
  13. Timeless Creativity Royal Classic Diamond 7277.900
    from 209 from 167.2
  14. Timeless Creativity Charisma 2501.600
    from 99 from 79.2
  15. Timeless Creativity Kazak Kashqai 4362.101
    from 149 from 119.2
  16. Timeless Creativity Actuel 0301.917
    from 99 from 79.2
  17. Timeless Creativity Charisma R. 2501.906
    from 299 from 239.2
  18. Timeless Creativity Spesso Husk 458.01.917
    from 109 from 87.2
  19. Timeless Creativity Helsinki Zheva 65.425.790
    from 119 from 95.2
  20. Timeless Creativity Chelsea Piazzo 12.187.912
    from 69 from 55.2
  21. Timeless Creativity Bliss Joy 471.24.GC994
    from 79 from 63.2
  22. Timeless Creativity Saga Legend 468.12.GB300
    from 559 from 419.3
  23. Timeless Creativity Bianconero Ink 463.16.AF900
    from 69 from 55.2
  24. Timeless Creativity Stockholm Flux 461.43.AE110
    from 119 from 95.2
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OSTA rugs at Online Tapijten

OSTA has a lot of experience in the weaving industry, we can say that OSTA is a star. The team of internal designers is very skilled and constantly strives for innovation and professionalization and only goes for the best quality. You see and feel that. The OSTA rugs all bear a Made in Belgium Label, which once again guarantees the quality.


Creative vision

OSTA gets its creative vision and inspiration from all over the world. Each designer has their own signature style. These styles are included in the designs of OSTA, which makes the collection so unique. The design studio is located in the heart of the showroom and has a huge variety of materials, colours, yarns and an extensive library from which to draw new inspiration every day. In this way, the designs of today and tomorrow are refined.


Knowledge and innovation

The OSTA weaving mill is located just a few minutes from the historic center of the carpet weaving Flanders. The fine art of weaving can thus be continued here and the special legacy can be kept alive in this way. OSTA uses high-quality techniques and textures, such as the refined Jacquard, a weaving technique with which complicated patterns can be woven into the fabric. This makes the fabric durable and also beautifully finished on the back.


Rugs, an essential part of your interior

A rug or carpet may not even immediately catch your eye when you enter a room. But, when there is no cloth, you feel it immediately. The space feels chilly and can be dull or empty. A beautiful rug can completely enliven a room in your home.



5 reasons to choose an OSTA rug:

  • OSTA's rugs are manufactured sustainably. A small CO2 footprint is ensured and is supported by local companies.
  • OSTA rugs are the perfect mix between design and durability, they give flair to your interior.
  • OSTA has real eye catchers, you will enjoy this for years!
  • OSTA rugs are very easy to maintain. For example, did you know that wool is self-cleaning?
  • At OSTA you can opt for a mixed look, thanks to the different textures.


Why Online Tapijten?

We understand better than anyone how personal decorating your home is, after all, interior has been in our blood for 3 generations. For more than 100 years we have put our time and love into selecting and selling the most beautiful carpets, suitable for any interior. We do this by working closely with more than 30 top brands and do not lose sight of our most important mission: to assist you with advice and assistance in selecting and making you happy with a new rug or carpet.

We provide tailor-made interior advice and are happy to think along with you about dimensions, colours, materials and the function of a carpet. In this way we create a total picture together, in which functionality combines nicely with your personal style. In short, at Online Tapijten you are assured of good service with a big smile!