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There are many benefits to jute carpets. Jute is a shiny vegetable fiber that is long and very soft. It's also very shiny. It can readily be spun into a coarse strong thread.

These strong threads can easily be woven into a lovely carpet. The best jute comes from Bengal Delta Plain which means that it's mostly from Bangladesh and from India.

Jute stalks are harvested and bundled together, then, they are soaked in water for around 20 days. This time period helps to soften the fibers and tissues in the jute and allows them to be easily separated.

Once the fibers are soft, they are separated and stripped from the stalks. After this point, they are then washed, dried out and baled. From here, the jute is used to make carpet, burlap, chair coverings, floor coverings and more.

Jute is another sustainable product that gives users the opportunity for greener living. It adds a lovely touch to any home.  

Jute works well both indoors and out and is fairly weather resistant. It is long lasting and provides a nice decor touch to any home.

Many people think just of string or rope when they consider jute, however, it is also ideal for making many other products.

Jute is often dyed to make other products such as carpets and chair coverings. It lends itself well to a myriad of uses and is easy to clean.

Jute carpets are long lasting and durable and ideal for indoor-outdoor purposes. Perfect for porches and decks or as an entry carpet it makes an ideal choice for all of your carpet needs.

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