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There have always been a number of people looking for options when it comes to silk and wool blend rugs. However, time changes along with the various technology that goes into making such items. Today, there are many people who are looking to the beauty of bamboo carpets for adding something special to their home or office.

It is normal that you would have a number of questions when learning about bamboo rugs. Some common questions have to do with how they are made, how the bamboo pieces are in comparison to traditional silk or wool, selecting the right rig and whether or not these carpets will be the best fit for your space.

To sum it up, the bamboo silk is a kind of natural viscose. The cellulose gets extracted from the plant and it then gets formed into a sticky paste. After the extraction process, the cellulose gets left to dry. After it is dried, it will then be expelled into a soft and silky fiber. The end result is a fiber that feels similar to silk, with a feeling that is cool and soft to the touch. It is also very strong and comes with wonderful anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties.

The only real difference that you will have between traditional silk and bamboo silk is the way that it is made. Bamboo silk gets extracted, dried and is expelled the same way that silk is. However, traditional silk is going to be more delicate and should not be placed in high traffic areas or under heavy pieces of furniture. When you have bamboo carpets, you have the ability to place them in higher traffic areas and you never have to worry about them wearing down or matting.

With the right level of care, your bamboo carpeting can last you upward of 50 years. You can spot treat any of the stains that develop and you can take the time to have your carpets cleaned by professionals once a year. Not only are these beautiful carpets to touch, but they come in a variety of patterns and colors so that you can pick something that will fit in just right with your current decor and whatever budget that you have in mind. The price will usually depend on the size of the bamboo carpet, the pattern and the knot count. Overall, this is an excellent option for decorating just about any space.

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we absolutely love the carpet, itĺs perfect in our chalet. Thanks so much! Victoria B. Abu Dhabi UAE