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Silk carpets in all sizes and colors

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Silk carpets are often considered as among the most collectible and beautiful of rugs. They are often ideal for homes wherein they do not need to deal with heavy foot traffic. At the same time, since they are generally more expensive compared to other types, you also have to meet the budget requirements in getting one.

The Advantages

Silk carpets, as mentioned, are beautiful. They are designed as such, which is also the reason why a lot are crazy about collecting them. Aside from outward appearance, there is something with the fiber itself that makes it unique.

Silk is considered as one of the strongest fibers. This strength allows weavers to create amazingly intricate designs using silk fiber, with some knot counts which can be thrice or quadruple as high compared to other rugs.

Due to the strength of silk fiber, these carpets are typically thinner compared to other rugs. They are also more colorful and more flexible. As such, they are typically regarded as among the most valuable carpets.

Tips in Cleaning

As with any other type of carpet, cleaning silk carpets involve the need to remove any stain as soon as possible. The moment you see something spilled on it, make sure to clean-up right away, so that the stain will not be absorbed in the fibers of the carpet.

As a preventive measure, make sure that you also vacuum your carpet often. You can do so at least thrice or four times a week. The cleaning temperature should be maintained below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure that you avoid using strong bleaches, brighteners, strong household detergents, as well as other alkaline products which may only end up damaging the material. The carpet should be dried quickly and throughout as possible, right after cleaning.

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