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Orange rugs deliver both physical and mental advantages. It can help attract dust and dirt, so you don't have to deal with allergy or asthma attacks, and it gives a radiant and energetic feel when placed inside a room. According to color psychology, having a splash of orange inside your room can help boost the mood while rejuvenating the spirit. So if you want to stay optimistic as much as you can, consider getting orange rugs.

Benefits of Having Orange Rugs

Physical and Mental Health

Rugs are known to be dust and dirt magnets, and orange rugs are no exception. Therefore, you don't have to worry too much about these small particles flying about your room. It can also bring about benefits towards mental health as the color orange is a warm and inviting color.

Reduce Noise

If you place orange rugs where there's a lot of foot traffic, then you can effectively reduce noise in that area. It can also assist in reducing vibrations from people walking. As an added perk, these rugs can also cushion the fall of people and objects, which might be a boon for you if you keep fumbling over small items.

Maintenance Tips for Orange Rugs

To help maintain your orange rugs' inviting look and feel, proper cleaning and maintenance should be observed.

A tip for maintaining the color, luster, and lifespan of your orange rugs is to make sure that you don't place it in an area where it might get hit by direct sunlight. It is because sunlight can cause the dye in the rug to fade quickly.

If by any chance that this is impossible as you live in an area with a lot of windows and openings, then make sure that you rotate the orange rug regularly to avoid the item from discoloring prematurely. It is advised that you rotate the rug once every one to two years. However, if it does get hit with a lot of sunlight very often, then the frequency of rotating it might be shorter than the time frame that was previously mentioned.

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Lovely rug and great service. Very happy customer. Christian particularly helpful and knowledgable. Thank you. greg j. Fleet France