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A modern carpet is a vital accent piece for any living room, bedroom or dining room. Contemporary rugs will help identify the topic and colour palette of a room, shield floors, and absorb the noise of day to day life. A carpet can shield your floors from wear and tear, and give your legs with comfortable padding, not cold tile or hardwood floors. Designer rugs can add a sophisticated dab of colour and pattern in your bedroom or living room. When shopping for a carpet, make sure to choose right the size of the carpet, the type, what is a carpet made of, and above all, its design. If you are looking to match a contemporary aesthetic, look for a contemporary carpet with bold designs, like geometric figures, chevrons or stripes, or attractive abstract designs which produce a statement.

When we have chosen our modern carpets, we've taken into account different styles, current trends and most suitable materials. Whether it is an abstract design in vivid colours or a subtle plain carpet in natural tones, the rugs will complete your interior.

New trends such as a vintage look, an alternative structure or a special form give a total new light to the carpet world. We've also taken into account different options from budget friendly alternatives which are short term solutions to investing in a top quality carpet that would serve for generations. Neither of those is a wrong approach, it's just a matter of taste and personal decision.

We work with top-designers such as Brink & Campman, Ligne Pure, Perletta Carpets amongst others.

The idea is to offer you as many solutions as possible, with many carpets for you to choose. From standard sizes to made-to-measure, no project is too small.

The modern style of decorating is clean, unadorned, and not overly "busy." Modern decorations are generally made of natural materials and showcase natural or muted colors.

When it comes to finding a modern carpet, it's important to keep in mind what makes up the modern style. You would want to look for a carpet in a muted color, such as beige, white, gray, or black. Simple design is also an important factor in decorating a home in a modern style. Clean lines, circles, squares, and other shapes are perfect for a rug in the modern home. You can choose a carpet that is small, which would look perfect underneath a small chair or end table, or a larger carpet that would look quite fetching in a living room space, dining room, or bedroom.

One good idea for modern carpets is to make the rug a focal point within the room in which it sits. You can plan all other furniture and decorations around the carpet you choose in order for the room to not be too cluttered. Say you choose a rug in a beautiful marbled pattern, showcasing white, beige, dark brown, and turquoise. Since you have three neutral colors incorporated into the carpet's design, and one bright color, you can choose furniture that works with the rug nicely without taking away from it as the center of the eye. A loveseat in beige, paired with a wooden entertainment center for the television, a dark brown or white ottoman, and a turquoise flower vase can all bring out the beauty in the rug you have chosen for the room.

A modern style is complete when a lovely rug or carpet is added to a space. Remember to look for a simple design, with muted colors. A bright color can be within the design, but it's best if only one color takes center stage. Good luck with your modern decorating.

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