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When it comes to choosing something to cover your hardwood, tile, or laminate floors, cotton carpets are not a bad choice to go with. What they can do for any room you put one in is rather multifaceted, given that they can provide color and beauty. These kinds of carpets come in a tremendous number of styles and patterns, some with very specific imagery, so you can certainly find something that matches the decor of a room, ties it together, or even serves as the starting point for the mood and atmosphere. Of course, if you need simplicity, you can get something that is solid in color as well.

Cotton carpets are also surprisingly durable. When many consumers think of anything manufactured of cotton, their minds jump to how fluffy natural cotton is, or how nicely textured cotton clothes are. However, carpets, even ones made from cotton, are very much able to withstand the abuse and contact they inevitably get. Having said that, routine cleaning and care helps, and some styles of rug do wear down faster in high-traffic spots of your home, such as an entryway, hallway, or living room.

Despite their durability, cotton carpets still feel great underneath your feet, and that might be the best thing about them of all. Looking great certainly makes them easy on your eyes, and durability makes them easy on your budget and wallet. However, nothing beats coming home, kicking off your shoes, and enjoying something soft under your feet, especially when it's so natural. It's a grounding energy that helps you let go of the stress and mental static you accumulate as you move through your busy life.

If there's a room in your home you rely on in particular to rest and recharge, this is what should be on the floor.


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