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Classic carpets will never go out of fashion and they will give a luxury feel to any interior being modern or classic. Centuries old Persian designs such as Benares, Bouchara and Ziegler amongst others have been given a fresh, modern update. These Classic rugs have beautiful modern colours and are machine woven.

Using New-Zealand wool, you are sure of a fantastic quality and an affordable price.

Our Timeless Creativity classic carpet collection for example, is Belgium made, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques.

Not sure what to choose ?

How about a vintage distressed look like in our Oxford / Belize carpet collection ?

Or a whitewashed look in soft colours like in our Peshawar / Djobie rug collection ?

Our Royal Classic / Diamond carpet collection has been a hit with our customers for more than 30 years and its traditional designs are a pleasure to the eye.

Or if you want to achieve an ethnic look in rich, exotic colours than the Kazak / Kashqai rug collection is the answer !

Our Living Treasures carpet collection summons elements of history and luxury in vibrant colours to give your interior that sofisticated look.

Interior design is not that much different from clothing trends and wardrobe fashion. While there are always going to be new ideas and trends, what's old always finds a way of becoming new again. Even in homes or rooms that use a very modern decor, something like classic carpets can bring a grounding element to the new energy, making for a great blend of old with new. Carpets that have a classic look and feel are not only comforting for the feet that walk across the, but also the eyes that gaze upon them. For a carpet to be considered a classic, it has to have proven itself over time as being worthy of love and attention.

Finding the right classic carpets to use in your home can be a little tricky though. You can't just get one and throw it down and consider yourself done. It has to match a certain number of elements all at once, and that's not always an easy balance. For starters, it needs to be an attractive piece in its own right. However, it also has to go well with whatever flooring it is going to be covering, whether that's wood, laminate, tile, or something else. On top of all that (pardon the pun), it has to also blend well with the walls, furniture, and decor of the room.

Simply defining what carpets are classic can also be an intriguing source of decor debate and dinner table conversation. Some purists might argue that only carpets old enough in age can be considered classics, whereas other homeowners might be okay with the idea that modern carpets recently manufactured in a classic style could also be considered as classic carpets.

Finding them is not all that hard. Classic styles, patterns, and materials are proven and time-tested winners, so retail stores that deal in carpets routinely sell a great number of classics at all times. Visit our showroom to get an actual feel for them for yourself. Of course you can also go online and find a more possibilities with nearly infinite colors, styles, and materials to browse through and choose from.

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Excellent service and very friendly company. I love my new rug Anne R. Scarborough Grande-Bretagne