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Many models could be referred to as classic rug. This class includes rugs with Oriental designs, but additionally carpets with borders or plain design, quality rugs, that are frequently referred to as classics. But basically, it's a matter of personal choice if a specific carpet is perceived as classic or not. Nonetheless, we would like to give you an as big selection of classic carpets as possible, in order to enable you to select a model meeting your personal preferences. 

Consequently, you'll find classic rugs adorned with classically inspired designs, as well as wool rugs of quality among our collection. In our on-line shop you also have the choice to utilize filters to form classic rugs by color, pattern, material and a number of other features. Occasionally, the cost is also very importnat aspectl: a hand knotted Oriental rug might definitely have the value of a small vehicle, but fortunately, you could even locate cheaper rugs available among our collection - therefore, you don't have to spend a large quantity of cash for it. 

The Oriental carpet is most likely the best known and the most popular sort of classic carpets. 

The posibilities are huge and cover all kinds of carpets arising from regions more commonly known as the Orient. These regions nowadays include regions of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. An Oriental rug could be produced in a number of distinct ways, using various substances: if woven or knotted from silk, wool, cotton or hemp. These particular details frequently uncover more about their quality and source, like the design, which also varies based on its origin. 

Therefore, a North African Berber carpet is comparable to a shaggy carpet in respect to its weave. An Iranian nomadic carpet, and on the other hand, impresses by oriental style patterns, its colours and flair. 

Nevertheless, all models share certain features: they're handmade using natural and precious materials. That maybe makes Oriental rugs too expensive for some of us.  Fortunately, we do offer a decent alternative: models produced based on classic oriental patterns. These are machine woven, using 100% New Zealand wool  and correspondingly are more inexpensive compared to their high priced counterparts. Due to manufacturing here in Belgium, by manufacturers with long tradition and experince, our rugs with beautiful Oriental designs  are extremely easy maintenance and may be utilized in places without hesitation. This makes them flexible furnishings that living spaces, among others too for the bedroom like a bedside carpet or form of carpet runners. As we additionally offer you a fantastic selection coming in  various shapes and dimensions, from small to XX large formats. 

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